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Why Invest in YesDiner?

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YesDiner Converts People to Your Loyal Diners

Mapping a Digital Strategy to the Buyers’ Journey for Greater Conversions


Attracting potential diners online begins with making your restaurant quite prominent online tapping the multiple channels available to you.

  • Responsive Website
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Local SEO
  • Google Map Local Listing
  • Social Media Integration
  • Social Media Launch Campaign
  • Blog for Content Marketing
  • Link Building
  • Awareness Email Campaigns
  • Keyword Research

Online visibility plays a major role in attracting hungry diners searching online for a place to eat, to your doorstep. Build the visibility of your restaurant online with a search engine optimized, responsive website from YesDiner and continue to entice and engage them with our social media marketing campaigns.

Designed and build to provide your potential diners with the information about your restaurant including its location, menu and offers a restaurant website is also your online sales point collecting sales and reservations while social media channels help you engage with your diners online.


To stoke the potential diners’ interest in your restaurant online, it’s essential to provide them with fresh and relevant content first.

  • Mobile Application
  • Enticing prospects with Call-to-Actions
  • Featured Pages
  • Easy Digital Menu
  • PDF Menu
  • Food Recommendations
  • Offers/ Promotions
  • Integrated Live Chat
  • Blog for Content Marketing
  • Live Social Media Feed
  • Social Sharing
  • Dynamic News Content
  • IM Application Integration
  • Advanced Pricing
  • Attribute Pricing

Nurturing the interest of the diners as they browse through your website and engage with the restaurant’s social media channels assures quick conversions and high engagement level online.

Providing your future diners helpful and interesting information like menu and food pairing suggestions, promotion and offers through YesDiner mobile apps, push notifications, live chat, newsletter subscription and live chat enhances their online and offline experience and seals their interest.


If you attract and capture the interest of the potential diners, then, it’ll be a snap to have them reserve a table.

  • Online Ordering
  • Online Table Reservations
  • Mobile Push Notifications
  • User Registration
  • Lead Generation Forms
  • Integrated Live Chat
  • Online Payment Facility

Once you have captured the interest of your potential diners, help them purchase your products with YesDiner lead conversion tools to increase sales and fill tables at your restaurant.

With many diners opting to order their food or reserve their seats online and on the go, YesDiner online ordering and reservation tools provide you with the best way to increase online sales for your restaurant while our lead conversion tools including opt-in emails and lead registration forms will convert online leads into happy diners at your restaurant.


You must strive to retain the diners who patronize your restaurant on a regular basis since they form the most lucrative market segment for your restaurant.

  • Mobile Push Notification
  • Loyalty System
  • Upselling thru’ Food Recommendations
  • Loyalty Based Discount Promotions
  • Social Media Activities
  • Opt-in Email Campaigns
  • Survey Tool Integration
  • Feedback & Review System
  • Database Marketing
  • Automated Ecard System
  • SMS Gateway Integration
  • Coupon Support

Once you have secured diners for your restaurant, it is important to build them into a repeat customer, returning to your restaurant again and again. A range of digital features from YesDiner including a loyalty system, an automated e-card system, and the ability to integrate survey tools and feedback and review system helps you nurture loyal customers, who patronize your restaurant over the other competitors.

More Restaurant Marketing Power Tools

  • Rapid Ad Creator
  • Create & Manage Digital Marketing Material Thru’ Dammore
  • Training Platform
  • Custom Content Management System
  • Domain Registration
  • Hosting on Best in Class Servers
  • Content Delivery Network
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Listing in Google Maps
  • Custom Business Email Accounts for Lead Nurturing