Restaurants in 2018 – The Shifting Social Media and Marketing Landscape

Restaurants in 2018 – The Shifting Social Media and Marketing Landscape

While social media remains a foremost choice for restaurant marketing, consumer preferences are gravitating, markedly, away from traditionally successful sites like Facebook and towards more visually striking sites like Instagram. Both new entrants and those that saw profit growth in 2017 are flocking to Instagram more than restaurants whose profits declined or were in a stalemate in 2017. This year 24% of the restaurants had named Instagram the Social Media Channel of Choice, which indicates an uptick of 33% in comparison with the 18% of the restaurants that had named it so in 2017.

Restaurants in 2018

This shift does not mean that posting on Instagram will automatically be tantamount to profit growth for your restaurant. It demonstrates, however, that restaurants that are steadfastly looking into the defining trends in marketing and social media landscape and promoting their business where their prospective and current guests frequent may see their profits grow.

Social recommendations carry significant weight. Despite its slight decline in popularity, facebook is still a social media heavyweight, and according to the findings by Empathica Research, 72% of the customers have used Facebook to make restaurant or retail decisions, going by the comments and images that have been shared by other users. Meanwhile, Pinterest boasts an eye-watering 5.7 billion food-related pins

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October 12, 2018