COLOMBO - The beating heart of the Restaurant Industry

COLOMBO - The beating heart of the Restaurant Industry

Colombo is the financial centre of Sri Lanka and houses a population of nearly 6 million people. It’s also a popular tourist destination.

The restaurant industry has been growing and thriving for decades here.

Colombo has seen a significant increase in the number of casual dining, fine dining, and quick-service restaurants. New restaurants have been opening up around the city and international and domestic restaurants are expanding their operations.

The advancement of technology has made dining out and online ordering the most popular methods of consumption. This is driven by tourism and Sri Lanka’s relatively young population.

Trends indicate that consumers are moving towards more healthy alternatives to food and are consuming more proteins, fruits, and vegetables. Most restaurants are including healthy options on their menus and some restaurants completely revolve around catering to this healthy food lifestyle.

The growth of the restaurant industry is driven by growing tourism, increased exposure to international cuisine, and the interest to experiment with cuisine, particularly among the young population.

Western, Indian, and East Asian cuisine has been growing in popularity over the years and Sri Lankan cuisine has also been recognized as the number 1 food trend in 2019 by BBC Good Food.

Consumer preferences and tastes are also broadening with more Sri Lankans trying out international cuisines and flavours however, they are also very price sensitive.

January 13, 2020