Maximize your restaurants’ operational capabilities with these essential tips

Maximize your restaurants’ operational capabilities with these essential tips

If you’re new to restaurant management, figuring out where to begin can be daunting. Your tasks often include handling community outreach, resolving staff conflicts, crunching inventory numbers, meeting customer expectations, and more, all the while making sure both the front and the back of the house run smoothly. From prioritizing to delegating, restaurant managers need to tap into a variety of skills to be successful. Luckily, we’re here to help!

1) Encourage gift card purchases.

Making gift cards available for customers to purchase helps your in more revenue, increase your potential for future sales, decrease returned merchandise, and attract new customers. However, this article is not meant to convince you of the benefits of selling gift cards. Instead, we want to help you encourage customers who have already bought your gift cards to come and spend them! The great thing about gift cards is that you can use them to encourage customers to take a variety of positive actions. Actions that will hopefully result in higher sales. You can also target your consumers, who possess your retail gift cards by offering a “bonus gift” event, where anyone who shops using their gift card is given a small gift at the time of their purchase. You could also use this opportunity to offer gift card holders a special trial period for a brand new product, depending on if they choose to make a purchase using their retail gift cards at the time of purchase. The exclusivity of the event makes it enticing to the group and will inspire them to utilize their gift cards, instead of holding onto them.

2) Having your own online ordering system can be a huge factor in increasing your restaurant revenue

Implementing an online ordering system - sometimes called virtual ordering or contactless table ordering - is one of the best ways to turn a website into a customer acquisition channel. By setting up your own online shop, you can start taking online orders. You've then opened up a new channel to cater to new and repeat customers! An online ordering system can be used to take online orders, but it can also be used to take in-person orders to make the ordering process more efficient. To re-open, food businesses need to set up shop to meet standard government health and safety regulations. Owners must maintain social distancing, use contactless ordering/payment methods and ensure surfaces are cleaned regularly. Even if you’re a small scale restaurant, social distancing doesn’t have to be stressful. Shifting to an online ordering system for businesses means your customers can order and pay from outside the shop or from a table inside. This makes it easier to maintain a safe distance if necessary. As the new normal progresses, online ordering and payments are becoming more accepted and expected. If your menu and payment system is hassle-free, your regular customers will be recommending you to their friends, and sharing on social media. You can increase your customers, and your profit, simply by offering a seamless customer experience. We know that a larger number of customers are now engaging with digital products and services than ever before. They’re also spending more when they order online. That’s because studying an online menu is different to standing in a queue. Customers have more time to make an informed decision. If they want the rich, gooey chocolate cake then they can order it with their skinny latte without fear of judgement from others. Even better if it can be bagged up to take away!

3) Ensure your staff feels valued

Employees who feel valued at work are often happier, more productive and less likely to look for other employment opportunities. There are many ways to show employees how much you value them, from recognition programs and financial incentives to simple gestures, like listening and acting on feedback. Knowing the importance of valued employees and how to show appreciation can create a strong company culture. Employees who know you value their input, feedback and ideas often have trust in the leadership process and confidence in your business. Furthermore, if employees know you appreciate and value their work, they often continue to work hard, strive for new goals and will be driven to further the company's accomplishments. Another important factor is to raise the morale. This can be especially helpful in stressful working situations where your staff might need the motivation to pull through on a tough working day. When you take the time to get to know employees, let them contribute and show you value them, the team, the department, and the company morale typically increases. Often the more positive people feel about their work environment, the better their output. This, in turn, can lead to reduced employee turnover. When you value employees and demonstrate it, they often have higher job satisfaction rates and pursue continued employment or advancement opportunities and refer other job candidates rather than seeking other employment. This can help improve the retention rates, build a strong and competent team of professionals and catalyze the growth.

October 6, 2021