What a mobile app can do for your restaurant

What a mobile app can do for your restaurant

More than half the population of the world now uses Mobile devices, and the restaurant world is an area in which mobile apps have had a large influence, and one of the highest growth rates compared to other fields. What steps have you taken to capture this thriving potential market?

Here are some tips from YesDiner on how to use a Mobile Application to complement your Digital Strategy.

Your own Mobile App

Having a dedicated mobile application that your customers can use not only eases both parties’ interactions with each other but also gives a sense of legitimacy to your restaurant in the current digital era.

Push notifications

You can readily send push notifications to your app users and inform them about discount offers, food specialities, and the like. A good balance of frequency for these notifications and catchy messages will eliminate or hasten the decision-making process of the users.

Event promotions

As a majority of the users of your mobile application will be interested and rather loyal to your restaurant, they will be interested in any events you host there. Using the mobile application to entice these customers is a sure-fire way to increase participation in these events.

Cater to prospective Millenial and Gen Z customers

The majority of avid mobile users are Millenials and Gen Z-ers. Designing your mobile application and the features around it to capture this audience will result in a massive growth in your Restaurant’s digital presence.

October 17, 2019