Why your Restaurant Needs a Holistic Online Strategy

Why your Restaurant Needs a Holistic Online Strategy

In 1995, an internet connection was such a rare luxury that only 1% of the world population had one. Fast-forward to the present and some 3.6 billion people, that is, over 40% of the world population use the Internet today.

A considerable segment of this massive online population search for and discover restaurants online. They read about the restaurants online looking up menus, comparing prices, and going through reviews before showing up at a restaurant or ordering food from there.

A 2016 Adweek survey reveals that 25% of people have at least one restaurant app on their phone. Another survey, 85% of those who search for food on their mobile phones go on to complete a purchase.

Sophisticated, tech-savvy diners take photos of the meals they’ve been served, get online to publish their reviews, and share their experiences on social media – which in turn could drive footfalls at your restaurants or deter people from visiting your establishment.

The fact is staring you in the face: whether you’re online or not, your existing and prospective guests are both online. News and stories circulate around your restaurant, its location and ambience, the meals you serve, the service you offer, and a whole lot more.

Just as you invest in a great deal of resources and time in getting every physical detail about your restaurant right, so you should invest in a compelling and mobile-enabled website for your restaurant. It is not so much the amount you spend on your website. What counts rather is how badly you want it properly executed.

Also, according to MONDOVO.COM, 36% of guests want online reservations, 23% free WIFI access, and 19% online ordering.

The keyword ‘restaurants near me‘ has a whopping 7,480,000 monthly searches on Google. This alone must make you realize why you have to get your restaurant business listed on major search engines like Google and Bing.

92% of customers are reading online reviews, and more than half of the population within the age bracket 18-34 bank on online reviews over the opinions of friends and family, which hammers home the point: the importance of online reviews cannot be overemphasized.

As more and more prospective guests turn to online resources when it comes to dining, creating a compelling and engaging online presence for your restaurant is a dire necessity rather than a matter of choice or preference.

To survive and prosper in today’s restaurant market, you need a holistic online marketing strategy - that will enable you to establish a brand identity, expand your reach, create awareness, enhance customer engagement, and attract a profitable audience.

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January 28, 2019