Popular and up and coming Restaurant Service Trends

Popular and up and coming Restaurant Service Trends

The restaurant industry continues to evolve with the emergence of new trends and restaurant services change with it. From the way food is prepared to the look of the building, there are a lot of ways the foodservice industry can change.

Here are some of the popular and up and coming of restaurant services.

Meal Kits
“Meal kits” are a popular concept these days. Delivering delicious, ready-to-assemble meal kits directly to customers is an appealing concept after all. This might be expanded upon and local options might pop up to utilize fresh and local produce.

Ghost Restaurants
A ghost restaurant, also known as a virtual restaurant or cloud kitchen, is a food service establishment that offers take-out only. These have also seen a rise in the industry as it’s a very flexible business model and the initial investment is comparatively low. With the growth of delivery app and third-party services, this is only expected to grow further.

Zero waste
Climate change and environmental issues are becoming a major selling point for customers, and restaurants typically produce a lot of trash and recycling. As a result, “Zero Waste Kitchens” have popped up in certain establishments with the idea of using all parts of their food.

Incentives to Dine Out
Everyone likes offers, promotions, and discounts. Certain establishments are offering incentives in the form of discounts or rewards for dining out in order to get more people into their restaurants.

There are many more popular and emerging trends in the restaurant industry. Stay tuned for more!

November 27, 2019