Websites are the core of modern restaurant marketing

Websites are the core of modern restaurant marketing

Most restaurateurs rely only on Facebook or some other forms of social media for their marketing and ignore/ don’t fully utilize the most important piece of digital marketing - a trendy high-end website. The feeling that the restaurant has enough clients and is well known might be true currently but, in order to build a sustainable brand, a solid online presence is a must.

However, some restaurants tend to disregard many important elements which ensure their sustainability and stability. What is the focus of tech-savvy diners when looking for a restaurant? Are they looking at only one channel? How to effectively contend with all other competitors who utilize more modern digital strategies for restaurant marketing?

Digital menus, mobile apps, online ordering, online table reservations, loyalty systems, geo-focused marketing, search engine optimization, upselling and cross-selling strategies, digital operational tools, etc has become more trendy and websites have become the hub that influences all marketing activities. A comprehensive digital approach powered by a website is imperative as restaurant marketing strategies change fast with technology infusion. Failing to adapt to these changes might cause restaurants to be overshadowed by restaurants that do adapt.

According to a study done by Reach Local, most people, 85% specifically, search for local businesses online. Furthermore, online orders are growing in popularity as 57% of customers order their food from a website, according to Toast Tab.

YesDiner strongly advises restaurants to create a high end, responsive, and mobile-optimized website to drive effective digital integration for restaurant marketing. The reason being that a website plays a major role which cannot be sustained by a low-end solution. The website should be capable of leveraging multiple marketing strategies without limiting restaurant marketing effort.

Over 1 billion restaurant visits by consumers are influenced by online marketing. In this tech-driven economy, no restaurant can afford to ignore the power of a strong online presence.

September 4, 2019